3 Challenges Every Social Worker Faces

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  • Dated: 29 Nov, 16
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Social work jobs come with its own advantages and disadvantages, like every other job. If you are planning to join social work jobs in London, you need to be aware of three challenges which you will face in your career.

Negativity towards the professionals or the industry

Even the media is biased. This leads to a harder working environments due to what the people are watching or reading. Perhaps it is time that the media prints something about the good achievements, some positive news about how we have helped families on a daily and weekly basis. They should also hold other professionals responsible as all the responsibilities are not exclusively ours, they too are accountable for the welfare of the seniors.

Heavy Caseloads per worker

This is easily understood by every worker and perhaps supported as well. The workers are supposed to be with the families and helping them and not sit in front of a PC. However, the attitude towards the workers is often as if their sole purpose is to complete assignments on time and meet the targets. Doing those takes so much time that the workers don’t get time enough to do the original work.

Lack of Appreciation

This is similar to the first point. The social care workers don’t get appreciated as much as they deserve. They don’t even get a permanent desk to operate from. In short, they don’t feel like a part of the team they work with. This surely doesn’t inject them with confidence.

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