5 Tips on Selecting the Right Recruitment Agency

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  • Dated: 28 Jun, 18
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For many businesses, recruitment of permanent or temporary staff remains a key challenge and that’s why many explore the option of outsourcing the recruitment process. By outsourcing for this service, businesses can focus on their core business operations which is paramount, especially for start-ups and small businesses. Recruitment process outsourcing comes with many benefits that include reduction of turn-over rate, improvisation of recruiting processes, control over factors such as seasonality or rapid growth which makes it hard to meet the hiring demands, and competitive advantage. However, you need to ensure that the recruitment process is in the hands of a highly reputable recruitment consultant in order to save your time and money.

Here are some of the tips for selecting a professional recruitment agency

1. Their expertise and track record

If your firm is looking for the permanent, strategic placements, you should consider checking the agency’s expertise and track record, especially in your industry. Ask them about their recent fill and their level of network. How large is their database? How often do they update their candidates’ records and replenish the funnels? What strategies do they use to uncover the fresh talent? Is the agency tapped into the passive candidate networks? These are important questions that need to be answered by any recruiting manager before you can make your decision to hire them. Recruiting agency that staff for a multitude of specialties and industries may lack the capacity to identify the necessary skills and abilities for a specific position.

2. Evaluate their terms

Some of the recruiting agencies are very rigid, especially when it comes to the talent procurement contracts. Professional recruiters are nimble, creative and move quickly to assist you to find and retain talent. Successful placements will ensure that your company has a continuity in its operations. The last thing you want is to get stuck working with an agency is always bogged down with its inflexible terms. Best recruiters work at building longterm relationships with their clients. Your company reputation is supposed to be safeguarded by your recruiting agent who’s describing your firm and job position to the potential employees.

3. Hiring and recruitment strategies

You need to ask the recruitment firm about its hiring strategies before you can make decision. Many professional agencies use candidate verification steps and pre-screening tests to identify the candidates with necessary skills required for a particular job position. By requesting them to review these strategies and steps, it will give you the idea of how well they will work for you. If their strategies are not convincing enough, then it’s time to say NO.

4. Candidate Pool

The most critical part of any recruitment firm is its candidate pool. One of the primary goal of a professional recruiting agency is to match your company with the best-suited candidates. This might not be the case when it comes to small and untested agency’s network, which will make it hard for you to get the best service. Ask the agency where they do their recruiting, their screening process and success rate, especially for long-term placements. In case you’re satisfied with the answers, then you know the agency is best fit for your organization.

5. Customer service

Quality customer care service is necessary for any recruitment agency. You should never feel confused or abandoned during the hiring process. This can be done through an effective communication stream that is always open. But, if you’re having challenges reaching a member of staff from the agency, especially during the consultation stage that is a clear sign you should move on to another staffing agency.


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