How to Identify Child Abuse?

How to Identify Child Abuse
  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 28 Feb, 17
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Our future lies in the hand of our children that’s why protecting them means protecting our future. This simple phrase should be unanimous among adults but sadly, many cases have proven this wrong. To be able to grow happily and have the best chances to succeed in life children should be brought up in a safe and loving environment and when society fails to achieve this, then comes child protection jobs in London. The nature of the work itself is a shame on society because we failed to be functional and that’s why we have to create child protection jobs in London.

There are several examples where a child’s right has been violated. Sadly, a few of these examples include children being sexually abused, physically harmed or even sequestrated. It is our duty to protect our children from any harm and also to understand what is considered as child abuse. So here’s a list of things which is defined as child abuse:

  • Abandoning, abusing and related mistreatments
  • Not trying to prevent another adult from committing child abuse
  • Neglecting a child’s medical care
  • Preventing a child to have proper education
  • Kicking a child out from his/her home

Being aware of the things which define child abuse is very important and more important is to know the signs which can indicate child abuse. Some of these signs can only be identified if you know the child well. For example noticeable signs would be frequent bruises and marks among other injuries which cannot be explained. Do keep an eye for these sign and help prevent more child abuse.