Best Interests Assessor BIA Shefford SW1027

  • Type: Full Time
  • Location: Bedfordshire
  • Role: Ongoing
  • Salary: to £280 per day
  • Reference: SW1070
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SW Locums require two experienced and high-quality Best Interests Assessors (BIA) to be added to the current pool of BIAs.

You will be required to prove their experience and quality of work with an anonymised example of an Form 3 as part of the application process.

There is no set or guaranteed amount available per week however we anticipate that there will typically be around 2-3 allocations available for the successful candidates per week.

The allocations are led by assessors making weekly contact to the CBC DoLS team (further details to be given upon successful appointment). The expectation is that most assessments will be completed and returned within 1-2 weeks of allocation.

We are commissioning the assessors to complete 4 of the required statutory assessments (all combined on what is referred to as the Form 3): • Age assessment (paragraphs 4.23 and 4.24 of code) • no refusals assessment (paragraphs 4.25 to 4.28 of code).
• Mental capacity assessment (paragraphs 4.29 to 4.32opf code).
• Best interests assessment (paragraphs 4.58 to 4.76 of the code).

In line with their Best Interest Assessor training, the Best Interests Assessor will be required to comply with the MCA statute, the code of practice and associated regulations.

The purpose of the best interests assessment is to establish, firstly, whether deprivation of liberty is occurring or is going to occur and, if so, whether a it is in the best interests of the relevant person to be deprived of liberty and it is necessary for them to be deprived of liberty in order to prevent harm to themselves, and ensure deprivation of liberty is a proportionate response to the likelihood of the relevant person suffering harm and the seriousness of that harm.

Please NOTE:

Travel/petrol is not additionally paid when the location of the hospital or care home is within CBC boundaries and is considered to be included within the assessment rate (assessors are paid on a per assessment basis).

At SW Locums you will benefit from:

  • Great, fast and accurate rates of pay.
  • Committed support with your own, vastly experienced and knowledgeable consultant.
  • No “waffle” straight talking, conscientious and informed advice.
  • Contact available 24/7.
  • Access to exclusive vacancies nationwide. and exclusive training.
  • Free DBS and compliance service.
  • Industry leading “Refer a Friend” recommendation scheme offering up to £300 for successfully placed referrals.
  • Excellent “Find your own job” bonus – get £350 for bringing your own position to us *


* Terms and conditions apply to our bonus scheme.