Southwark Senior Social Worker SW7091

  • Type: Full Time
  • Location: London
  • Role: Ongoing
  • Salary: to £38.50 per hour
  • Reference: SW7091
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SW Locums need an experienced children & family social worker to join a busy assessment and intervention (CIN) team in Southwark. You must have substantial demonstratable UK experience in a similar statutory setting. You must be registered with Social Work England and hold a current Enhanced DBS.

You will be expected to be able to capably manage the specific set of tasks relating to statutory case responsibility for children in need of help and protection and in public care, with the support of an appropriately qualified supervisor, these include:

  • Build a working relationship with the child, family or carers to decide the best way to keep them safe and bring about change ensuring that child protection is always prioritised. Observe and talk to child in their environment to help understand their physical and emotional world.
  • Identify and analyse risks and protective factors and potential impact on the child and parental capacity. Consider how impact of traumatic experiences affect the current every day functioning and long-term development and dynamics. Set out the most relevant options for resolving the difficulties facing each child.
  • Work intensively with the child, their families and carer using evidenced-based skills-based approaches in direct work helping them to identify goals and bring about meaningful and sustainable change.
  • Review and scrutinise regularly whether the help provided is making a difference to reduce risk and adjust the plan accordingly.
  • Report risk through the line management structure, where relevant.
  • Use supervision reflectively to discuss, debate and test hypotheses about what is happening in examining your cases. Explore not only the presenting issues but the underlying causes of risks and needs. Invest in shaping your supervision to improve your case practice and help you develop your competence and confidence as a practitioner and within your role. Engage in continuous self-evaluation of case practice through self-reflection and consultation and explore your limitations.
  • Use case recording as a way to extend your understanding of the case and inform analysis and decision-making. Show accountability for the help being provided by producing written case notes and reports, which are well argued, focused and jargon free. Present a clear
    analysis and a sound rationale for actions as well as any conclusions reached, so that all parties are well informed.
  • Maintain effective working relationships with peers, managers and leaders both within the profession, throughout multi-agency partnerships and public bodies, including the family courts.

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Evidence of being able to meet the standards of practice set out in the Knowledge & Skills Statement for Child and Family Social Work.
  • Demonstrated Motivational Social Work (MSW) skills in practice. Ability to maintain an average of a 2.5 score as measured by MSW practice framework through practice observations.
  • Evidence of being able to identify thresholds within the continuum of levels of risks and needs. Ability to make and defend recommendations about risk and need based on evidence and professional judgement.
  • Evidence of being able to recognise risk indicators of different forms of harm to children including, sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect; the impact of cumulative harm; the full range of adult behaviours which pose a risk to children, including but not limited to CSE, gangs, radicalisation.
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out in-depth and ongoing family assessments of social need and risk to children with particular emphasis on capacity for change. Ability to effectively use child and family participation in the process and knowing the contributions that other professional disciplines make to social work assessments.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with the child and family to set out clear goals that detail what needs to change and how those involved will work toward achieving that change. Evidence of drawing the relevant people into the plan and involving as many non-professionals as possible.
  • Demonstrated evidence of using research and evidenced-based approaches to actively inform casework.
  • Demonstrated evidence of direct work with children and families that have experienced different forms of trauma (e.g. neglect, domestic violence, substance misuse, mental ill health). Evidence of using specialist services only when the need is outside of expected level of expertise for a child and family social worker.
  • Evidence of working proactively to evoke the child and family’s own reasons for change and ideas about how change should happen.
  • Evidence of showing resilience to be able to manage the fluctuating demands of caseload work. Demonstrated high organisational skills and ability to prioritise workload.
  • Ability to use practice performance data and internal and external feedback to quality assure the effectiveness of the help being provided.
  • Demonstrated ability to make effective use of learning opportunities to enhance your professional practice (e.g. supervision, team meetings and other forums).
  • Evidence of being able to think logically about problems and communicate clearly the identified issues.
  • Ability to present information clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing.
  • Evidence of being able to make decisions and choices without unnecessary escalation but has confidence to ask for help.

SW Locums will provide you with:

  • Constant support with your own, vastly experienced and knowledgeable consultant.
  • No “waffle” straight talking, conscientious and informed advice.
  • Fastest and accurate payments available.
  • Contact available 24/7.
  • Access to exclusive vacancies nationwide.
  • Free DBS and compliance service.
  • Access to on-going training opportunities.
  • Industry leading “Refer a Friend” recommendation scheme offering up to £300 for successfully placed referrals.
  • Excellent “Find your own job” bonus – get £250 for bringing your own position to us *


* Terms and conditions apply to our bonus scheme.