Mental Health Professional – Is it the Right Career For You?

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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 23 May, 18
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Researchers have undertaken a study which suggests that one in every four adults suffers from mental illness in one way or another every year. This is a catastrophic fact but the bitter truth is that there are not enough resources and mental health professionals to counter this effect. This has led to many people suffering from continued mental health and other related disorders because they lack the necessary help to facilitate their recovery.

It is evident that the field of mental health is vastly growing with the upsurge of new and advanced career skills that have helped to streamline the industry and make it efficient and effective. Mental health is divided into various categories that include psychological, social well-being, and emotional well-being. It revolves around how we handle and manage stress, how we relate to others, how we make our choices, how we think, and even how we act.

Mental health is fundamental in every phase of life from childhood, adolescents, through to adulthood. Failure to get effective mental health treatment can lead to continued health and psychological problems that include a change in mood and thinking, change in behavior and many others. If not addressed early, it might lead to severe medical problems that may be hard or impossible to treat. Mental health problems are a result of various factors that include family history where mental health is present in the family tree, life experiences like abuse or trauma, and even biological factors like genes.

Taking a career in the mental health field is a lucrative thing to undertake because the industry is still growing, meaning it is not flooded with manpower. You will be able to easily scale the heights and learn the skills without much ado. Students in other professions finish their degrees but find it hard to enter the job market because of many trainees in that field.  Mental health is all about solving the psychological needs of patients and balancing between their worries and their excitements.

In most cases, it involves interacting with people and counseling them on how to manage their conditions and ensure they fully recover. Interacting with clients is important to the social worker because he or she get to learn more about the client and how to offer support to them and bring a positive impact to their lives.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being supportive and being of resource to someone with a need. This is a factor that makes the mental health profession a worthwhile career that also benefits the community at large. The world today is home to a myriad of social problems like domestic violence, crimes, suicides, immorality and many others that can better be solved through counseling and scientific study of a person’s social problems. By doing so, trauma, stress, and other mental disorders will be easier to treat and sufferers will be able to lead better lives.

This is the best opportunity for mental health professionals to transform the society and make it a better place to live. Having a career in this field is therefore important because you will not be only helping yourself or an individual, but the society at large. Sociology is an exciting career with technical competence that comes with a number of rewards. It promotes the peoples welfare leading to a cohesive society and makes the world a better place to live in. take a career in mental health today and be on the road to changing the world.