Put Social Care At The Heart of The Health Bill

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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 30 Nov, 15
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The government has made the decision to put the individual well-being as the most important issue in care bill. This has the potential to radically change many things. If we are to change the community care, community social care and community health care ideas in the UK, we need to put the well-being principle as the part of a legislation.

Any social or health care system must put prevention at the top of its priority chart and that is the best way to promote well-being. This bill has that promise. To reshape health and social care and to change its model from the prevailing crisis-driven service to prevent and postpone the need of any health or social care, we need a very strong legislature and leadership.

If the Care bill’s ultimate aims are realised, social workers shall be recognised and valued with more dignity by other professionals. Their contribution to the well-being of the society and individual must also be recognised. They must be instilled with more confidence. Presently, the medical model of NHS takes the upper hand. It must be combined effectively with the social care needs and services as well. Community development can’t be done without talking about the health planning, true; but it also should encompass the need of social care.

In order to fully realise the leadership role, this care bill must equip the professionals performing community care jobs in London. To prevent the need situation which requires social care, the government must invest in information and advice service. People must be the active contributor of their communities for as long as possible and that can be done by assessing the situations, done by the proper experts. This way, an increasing number of people would be free from the unnecessary need of hospital or medical care.

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