Recommendation Scheme

  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 10 Jul, 14
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SW Locums Groundbreaking Recommendation Scheme offering probably the best incentive around

At SW Locums we do offer a financial incentive for recommending successful candidates to us.

Up to £500 for successful candidates!!!

Sometimes this goes to pay personal bills or credit cards & can lose it’s value.

We like to get to know you and find out what makes you tick. What pushes your buttons.

If it’s your preference, we can offer you instead, a day at a Spa, Racing round Silverstone in a Sports car or a new laptop computer…

We can even offer free use of Holiday Villas in as far away places as the USA & Caribbean…

We would like to give you something back that you will remember or can use pro-actively.

Contact us to pick up your bonus today.

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