Recruitment Firm: Saving Time for Your Social Work Related Jobs

Recruitment Firm: Saving Time for Your Social Work Related Jobs
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  • Dated: 29 Jun, 17
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Recruitment is not done lightly: it requires a significant investment and in the long term (analysis of the position, definition of the profile, dissemination of multi-media advertising, returns candidates, management answers, sorting CVs, telephone qualification , Interviews). Thanks to a turnkey service, social work recruitment agencies in London saves valuable time and can remain focused on its business and the development of its candidates.

General or specialized recruitment agency?

Specialized recruitment firms have a pool of candidates in post but also open to the market. To save time, it is better to call on a specialized firm rather than a generalist. It’s the same like going to the dentist for a toothache instead of a general practitioner. The dentist would know best what to do. Likewise going for social recruitment agencies in London for any social work related jobs will guarantee you are directed in the right direction.

Discretion in recruitment

In some cases (internal organization or competitive sector), recruitment may need to be conducted in total confidentiality: the use of an external service provider can meet this requirement.

Controlling the costs of recruitment

On-line recruitment requires the company to incur costs (publications, advertisements) and, in the event of “failure”, also generates additional costs that can be significant. Thus the financial investment with a firm will be largely amortized by the quality of the service rendered.

Recruiting is a profession: the use of a professional allows the company to reduce the risk and meet a double requirement of quality and reactivity in the search for its future human wealth! It is a guaranteed return on investment.