Social work jobs in the health and social care sector.

Social Work Agencies London – We are here for you!

Jobs within Social Work in the health and social care sector, require care and expertise which are often a rare combination to find. If you have it in yourself, you are well on your way to become a great senior social worker or social worker. To guide you in this aspiration, SW Locums can help you land in your dream job and secure your future within this highly competitive and pressurised market.

When it comes to social work agencies, London has many. However, as the leading social work recruitment agency in London, SW Locums connect the leading hospital teams and homes with highly trained qualified social workers and support workers. SW Locums long standing relationship with Local Authorities and NHS Trusts has been established over decades of reliable supply. Our internal care team is one of the best in the industry. We not only find the most appropriate postings for the candidates, we help them in building a career in the social work market.

Being one of the top social recruitment agencies London has, and with the support of our dedicated and knowledgeable team, clients and candidates can rest assured that we will secure the most suitable placement, whether it be in London, West Midlands, Southern England or any other geographical location throughout the UK, SW Locums have the ability and expertise to assist. We are experts at placing the best social work staff.

Social Work Recruitment Agency UK

SW Locums, arguably the best social work recruitment agency in UK, were one of the first UK agencies to offer facilities like online resume submission and online application. You don’t have to visit the office, we will come to you. Using our fully GDPR compliant, encrypted servers, there is no risk of your documents getting lost, no fussy paper work. Once you are registered, your complete profile is saved in the database so the record is safe. You will benefit from building a personal relationship with your consultant who will adapt and promptly respond to your every need. When it comes to a social work recruitment agency, UK based, there are many, however, SW Locums strive to be the best of the best!

We will edit your records anytime you so wish to ensure your file is always kept up to date with the requirements of our clients and compliant with all the industry safeguarding requirements needed. As one of the leading social work recruitment agencies in Londonwe also provide assistance for candidates to benefit from extensive training so they have a brighter chance in securing a better paying job.  

SW Locums mantra is to analyse every individual application, examining the positive attributes on every CV and sharing our thoughts with our internal team to brainstorm and source the most suitable vacancy for each candidate. It will always be SW Locums policy to find you a post which best matches your education and experience. For us, matching a job with a candidate is like fixing Yin and Yang together; until we find the exact match, the placement is at jeopardy of failure.

Most importantly the service users will not benefit to the best of our potential to supply them with the most suitable worker. Whether the posting be children’s social work, adult social work or mental health we prolifically place candidates at all levels including senior practitioners, social workers directors etc. We do complete safeguarding checks and verification of every candidate including full reference checking, DBS application and checking and verification of the right to work in the UK. We have established contracts with over one hundred clients throughout the whole of the UK. Should you ever feel something is not right, we are there to help you.

It isn’t easy to become the premier social work recruitment agency UK based, so to differentiate ourselves form the competition, we make sure clients and candidates are offered the highest levels of support at all times. Whether you are a social worker children’s adults or mental health, we are here to help. We understand the nature of the job and the importance of continuity of support to the most vulnerable people in our society.

Our team at SW Locums benefits from every member of staff having direct social work recruitment experience of a minimum of twenty years. There isn’t much we do not know about recruiting social workers in this sector.

We also ensure that you get paid on time and in many cases well before the “week in arrears” our clients stipulate as the minimum requirement. We actually have a fully updated and automated system for it. If you have a compassionate heart and want to help those who need it, approach SW Locums today, and be part of the best social work recruitment agencies London has!