Social Work Jobs

Social care jobs need care and expertise which are often a rare combo to find. If you have it in yourself, you are on your way to become a great social worker. And, to guide you in this aspiration, SW Locums can help you land in your dream job.

When it comes to social work agencies, London has many. However, As the leading social work recruitment agency in UK, SW Locums connect the leading hospitals and homes with great candidates. We not only find the best jobs for the candidates, we help them in building a career in the social work industry.

Social Work Recruitment Agency UK

SW Locums, the arguably best social work agency in UK now also offers facilities like online resume submission and online application. You don’t have to visit the office, no risk of your documents getting lost, no fussy paper work. Once you are registered, your complete profile is saved in the database so the record is safe. Moreover, it allows you to edit the records anytime you want in the future. As the leading social work recruitment agencies in London, we also provide extensive training to our candidates so they have a brighter chance in securing a good paying job.  

We always try to find a job for you which best matches your education and experience. For us, matching a job with a candidate in like fixing Yin and Yang together; until you find the exact match, they don’t work. We do complete verification of the candidate and we do complete verification of the hiring body as well. The moment you feel something is not right, we are there to help you. It isn’t easy to become the premier social work recruitment agency in UK, and we make sure that we deserve this tag.

We also ensure that you get paid on time and we maintain an automated system for it. If you have a compassionate heart and want to help those who need it, approach SW Locums today, the best social work recruitment agency in UK.

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