Social Media Policy

Social media policy

These are our terms for your use of our UK social media community, which includes comments and uploads on,, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We call this our ‘Community’.

Please read our terms carefully, as they give information about using our Community in a way that is respectful and lawful. By using or submitting material to our Community you agree that you’ve read, understood, accepted, and agreed to abide by our terms.

‘We’ means SW Locums Ltd.

When and how our terms apply

The independent terms that apply to social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter apply to their platforms also impact on our own social media profiles that they host. We recommend you read those terms and policies before taking part in the relevant section of our Community. We don’t have any liability associated with your use of those social networks, or for your failure to read or comply with their own terms, conditions and policies. It may happen that there is a conflict between our terms and the relevant social network’s terms and conditions. If so, the social network’s terms and conditions will prevail as far as they relate to our profile on that network.