Understanding The Right To Child Protection

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  • Dated: 31 Mar, 17
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The period of childhood is a phase during which the human being is more vulnerable because he/she has not finished developing both physically and mentally. Also, the child needs special attention and protection and we as adults need to act for the best interest of the child. There are a few guidelines to a child’s best interest as follows:

1. All decisions regarding children must be made in the best interests of the child to ensure its immediate and future well-being.

2. All decisions and actions must absolutely guarantee the rights of the child. The best interests of the child subordinate the need for the protection of children.

3. The best interests of the child are aimed at the well-being of each child and the principle of the best interests of the child is to promote and guarantee the well-being of all children in several ways:

  • Physical well-being: ensuring good health and development of the child.
  • Mental well-being: providing the child with the opportunity to develop intellectually.
  • Social welfare: ensuring the child’s opportunity to develop socially, spiritually, and so on.

The need to establish a protective framework for children

The protection of children must be ensured first and foremost by the parents and the community surrounding it, and then by the government. And this has led to child protection jobs in London. Obviously, the welfare of each child cannot be obtained in the same way. Each child is a unique individual with specific needs. Thus, individual characteristics (age, sex, state of health, presence or absence of a disability, presence or absence of parents, environment, etc.) will make it possible to identify his/her needs to realize his/her well-being.