What is the Job Role of a Community Care Worker

community care worker
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A community care worker is a professional who is also referred to as a community support worker. They play a critical role in society. Their roles are varied; for they provide social, personal, physical and emotional support to clients. Their clients are often comprised of the poor, disabled, elderly and even vulnerable children and adults. Mainly, they will work for programs that reach out to communities. Families with members who are dealing with addiction, and are in need of rehabilitation will also use community care workers to get help.

Community care workers will have the following skills:

This is a demanding job and having the right skills allows these care workers to be effective in their work. First, they must have excellent communication skills. Their interpersonal skills must also be impeccable. They also need to have time management as well as organizational skills.

Various roles played by community care workers

Personal care

Care workers are trained to offer professional personal care to their clients. This means that they will assist clients in grooming and even feeding. Their work is to make sure that clients live in a conducive healthy environment. The care worker will also assist in household activities including cleaning and cooking. For clients who are taking medication, the care worker will ensure that their clients take their medication on time and in the right intervals. The care worker will also organize for transportation whenever necessary.

Recreational and social activities

A community care worker will plan and coordinate the social and leisure activities of their clients. This is to ensure that the clients are creating friendships in their communities. Clients who are in care facilities will get organized activities that will help foster relationships with other members. The care worker will tailor the leisure activities to suit the individual needs of their clients.

Facilitate independence for their clients

A community care worker will work to encourage independence in their clients. They do this by linking the clients to the right counseling services, training programs and even workshops. The professionals will also assist clients to find the right support groups. Care workers also assist clients find suitable employment opportunities so that they can become financially independent.

Monitoring community programs

A care worker in a community will be involved in the planning of various activities. To this end, they will monitor the programs to see what works best. They play a role of evaluating various activities so that the most suitable community programs can be implemented. This works to ensure that all the community activities and programs are effective to meet the individual client needs. Care workers are involved at a personal level when it comes to the well-being of their clients.

For example, elderly clients may get a care worker to help them in their households. In addition to all the personal care activities mentioned, this professional may assist in managing client’s budgets, paying bills; among others.


From vulnerable youth to the underprivileged and the elderly, care workers usually have their work cut out. Their role in the community is imperative to say the least.


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