What to Expect From an AMHP Job?

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AMHP stand for an Approved Mental Health Professional who is authorised to make some legal decisions which falls under the Mental Health Act 1983. Usually AMHPs are social workers with supplementary trainings to get the warranty however in 2007, the law was amended to now include other health professionals such as psychiatric nurses, psychologists and even occupational therapists.

AMHPs have a unique job responsibility among other social workers. They do not fall under any managers but are rather autonomous professionals. They are approached to conduct independent assessments under the Mental Health Act and provide their conclusions by taking into consideration all the evidences. If autonomy at work is what you want the AMHP is made for you. As appealing as it sounds, one should not obligate the fact that it includes an utmost responsibility of decision which can have serious consequences.

In depth knowledge of laws and upholding the law after assessments under the Mental Health Act are the pre requisites of an AMHP. Their knowledge are put into practice to make sure the assessed ones’ rights are protected and they can go as far as provide a counter to a specific medical model of mental health and introduce a more sound perspective to certain processes. They have the authority to second guess doctors and offer suggestions to admissions.

This authority doesn’t come easily though. Before becoming an AMHP and obtaining AMHP jobs in London, a thorough training is needed. AMHP courses are offered at the local university falling under the School of Social Work which is equivalent to a post graduate level and can give credits further on. The course is set for 7 months including both taught modules and practice placement. Apart from written assignments, portfolio of evidence of their competence to practice, candidates are also required to undertake a law exam.

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