What to Expect When Working in London

London Red Bus and Big Ben
  • Posted by: Chris B
  • Dated: 28 Jul, 18
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London is a cosmopolitan city with many work opportunities. Through job agencies, company transfers among others, you might find yourself working in London. Once you have secured a job, it is critical to go through the statutory requirements to make sure that you are working legally.

This is more important for non-UK citizens. From work permits to National Insurance contributions, follow the rules and regulations that govern working in the country. It is good to point out that working illegally can have you removed and banned from the country for up to 10 years.

If you are new to London, working there can be daunting and this is not uncommon. Knowing what to expect might help you find your footing.

The kind of weather to expect

The weather patterns in London are the most notable; especially for people who come from other countries. Weather in London is considered fairly better than the rest of the UK. Having said this, people who are not used to it might have a hard time. The winters are mostly mild and rarely go below freezing; and summers never really go beyond 26 degrees Celsius. London rains quite a bit and if you have not invested in a good rain jacket and an umbrella, you might have to contend with some wet episodes to and from your workplace. In summer, the city will experience up to 16 hours of sunlight. In winter however, the sunlight hours will be less than 8 hours. People who come from tropical countries may especially find this highly unusual.

Transportation options in London

Ideally, living a walking distance from your work place is the best way to go in London. However, this is not always practical for most people. Some will choose to cycle to work. Others may choose to buy a car. However, a car will only make sense if you are working outside London. Therefore, the best mode of transportation is through public means. The Tube, Overground, DLR or National Rail are great options for fast and affordable commute services. Taking a bus can be an option for some people. However, buses are not as fast and if you are looking for a more reliable commute, buses may not be the best.

Affordable grocery shopping in London

In general, some grocery chains will have more affordable products compared to others. If you are working on a tight budget, places like Iceland and ASDA could be ideal. Averagely priced stores include Tesco and Morrison’s. If you are looking for a high end experience, places like Waitrose will serve you best. Online shopping for groceries in London is becoming more popular. This can save you money and provide you better convenience if you do not want the hassle of going to the store.

Safety level in London

The city of London has approximately 8.1 million people. In this regard, crime is not absent. However, compared to other cities like New York, London is much safer. Assault and crimes related to property are very rare. Looking at the crimes rate of your local area may help shed more light on safety.

When working in London, make sure to follow any notifications provided in buildings or outside. For example, never stand on the left of escalators. People walk on the left and stand on the right. Most importantly, always hold on to the handrail. When using trains, make sure to get on when everyone has gotten off. Also, be mindful of cultures if you are coming from overseas. People from Wales are Welsh and not English for example. The English, Scots, Irish (from Northern Ireland) and Welsh are all British. With time, working in London may become easier as you know what to expect.