Who Can Get Social Care Benefits in Wales?

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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 31 Jan, 17
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Care assessment is the gateway to perfect community care service. Access to care assessment is vital for the claimants as well. The government has introduced a uniform process called Single Assessment Procedure (SAP) which allows the local authority social service and health needs guidance to combine their reports and reach a decision.

When the care assessment is completely done, local authority will decide whether to provide any help to the claimant or not. They can also decide whether the claimant passes the local authority’s eligibility criteria to receive any assistance. Local authorities are obliged to comply to these recommendations and provide welfare benefits, health, transport and housing or not.

The assessment process generally has three different stages. First the assessment of need and circumstances is done. Then the needs are to be identified to verify the eligibility criteria of the local authority. Finally, financial assessment is done.

Following the financial assessment, people with more than £23,000 worth of assets are generally asked to make their own arrangements. However, in Wales the limit is £22,000. In Scotland, this limit is £22,500.

Whoever doesn’t make that cut are provided social care benefits from the government. This is why social care workers are getting increased job opportunities nowadays. In fact, there are so many social work jobs in Wales to choose from. Any aspirant should visit a decent social care recruitment agency and they would guide him in the right direction.