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The Social Stigma Of Mental Health Problems

The social stigma of mental health problems is something that affects not just those suffering, but their friends, families, work colleagues and indeed, society in general. What constitutes mental illness? Mental illness is a broad-brush term for a wide range of mental health conditions. These are disorders that affect a person in various ways such…
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Community Care

The term ‘Community Care’ should be seen as an umbrella label covering a wide range of high-quality supportive services that are offered and delivered by authorities such as the NHS, social services, public health, housing support personnel and social security departments. This type of care allows people in need the opportunity to live independently in…
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The Role of a Social Worker Today

In the modern day, a social worker plays a diverse range of roles. These professionals are highly active in sectors like education, research, casework, health, policy development, community engagement and many more. At the heart of all social work is the preservation of human rights and social justice. In other words, a social worker today…
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5 Job Duties of Medical Social Workers

Medical social workers play a critical role in helping patients navigate through healthcare systems. Many who are in this profession always find satisfaction by offering the needed assistance to patients. It is all about making the lives of patients easier; in a bid to promote human dignity and happiness. These social health experts perform their…
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What to Expect When Working in London

London is a cosmopolitan city with many work opportunities. Through job agencies, company transfers among others, you might find yourself working in London. Once you have secured a job, it is critical to go through the statutory requirements to make sure that you are working legally. This is more important for non-UK citizens. From work…
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5 Tips on Selecting the Right Recruitment Agency

For many businesses, recruitment of permanent or temporary staff remains a key challenge and that's why many explore the option of outsourcing the recruitment process. By outsourcing for this service, businesses can focus on their core business operations which is paramount, especially for start-ups and small businesses. Recruitment process outsourcing comes with many benefits that…
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What is the Job Role of a Community Care Worker

A community care worker is a professional who is also referred to as a community support worker. They play a critical role in society. Their roles are varied; for they provide social, personal, physical and emotional support to clients. Their clients are often comprised of the poor, disabled, elderly and even vulnerable children and adults.…
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5 Best Interview Tips for Social Workers

When you are passionate about Social Work, you will do everything possible to get the right opportunities. Taking the necessary training is pivotal and when you are ready to enter the job market, sending job applications to various potential employers is the right thing to do. When you finally get a confirmation to attend a…
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