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Recruitment Firm: Saving Time for Your Social Work Related Jobs

Recruitment is not done lightly: it requires a significant investment and in the long term (analysis of the position, definition of the profile, dissemination of multi-media advertising, returns candidates, management answers, sorting CVs, telephone qualification , Interviews). Thanks to a turnkey service, social work recruitment agencies in London saves valuable time and can remain focused…
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Less AMHP Workers Leading to Higher Pay For the Services

AMHP stands for Approved Mental Health Professional and this is a skilled job. The job has a big scope but in most of the cases, it involved helping those members of the society who are fighting common causes like dementia or depression. In a recent survey, we saw the MHA activity going up by 4%-6%.…
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Why Should You Trust Social Work Recruitment Agency For Your Career?

Very active in the labour market, social work recruitment agency is of major interest for job seekers. Whether they operate through the print media, employment forums, specialized websites or through social networks, their work is multiple and prized by companies. Discover the role of recruitment firms and the valuable help they can offer you in…
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Understanding The Right To Child Protection

The period of childhood is a phase during which the human being is more vulnerable because he/she has not finished developing both physically and mentally. Also, the child needs special attention and protection and we as adults need to act for the best interest of the child. There are a few guidelines to a child’s…
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