Action for Children

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  • Dated: 09 Feb, 17
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Action for Children is an organisation which has been around since 1869 and is dedicated to the welfare of children. The vision of Action for Children UK is that every single child should be brought up in strong families and in vibrant communities to give them opportunities of having learning experiences earlier on thus giving them that extra boost for a successful school life experience and life in general.

Action for children have a very straightforward mission which is acting like an advocate for, providing support and empowering the people impacting heavily on children’s lives which are basically the parents, teachers and caregivers.

Currently the services offered by Action for children in the UK are as follows:

  • Fostering – The fostering service is for children, young people and facilitate the work of carers.
  • Adoption – The adoption service acts as a bridge between children seeking adoptive parents and prospective adoption seekers.
  • Schooling – The schools are adequate to keep challenging curious minds and apt for individual developments in a safe and secured environment.
  • Support for young people – There is a special support unit in place to counsel and guide young people to bring them to educational institutions with facilities such as training and eventually helping them getting a job.
  • Support for disabled children and young people – Many times having a disabled child comes with its own challenges, Action for Children UK offers the parents and the child support to enable them to live fully the life they want.
  • Support for children in care – Support is provided to children in care facilities and even leaving care. Help is offered to those who cannot live with their parents anymore for them to go through that process and get on with their life as smoothly as possible.

There are also many other services offered by Action for Children which are campaigning in favour of vulnerable children and ensuring policy makers have their best interests in mind. All of their endeavours are done by respecting the diversity of each community.