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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 09 Feb, 17
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SW Locums works in close collaboration with Department for Education, UK and fulfil their staffing needs. Our services are held in high regards in the department and SW Locums is one of the preferred staffing solutions providers for the company. Our candidates have secured lucrative jobs via the department.

This is why SW Locums is the ideal destination for any candidate who is looking for a job in social care sector in the UK. We provide extensive training to our candidates to make them ideal for the challenging job. We do complete background verification so that the employers get what they are looking for. Our placement is at reputed institutions, including department for child education, UK.

SW Locums maintain a huge computerised database of all the candidates which can be pulled up by candidates, to update their records, or by the employees to find a suitable match.

Department of Education takes care of the whole educational system in UK which means they need responsible workers and SW Locums provides exactly that. Our candidates have a proven record of success with department for education, UK and if you wish to make a career with them, SW Locums is your automatic choice.