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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 09 Feb, 17
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NSPCC is fighting for children and childhood in the UK and Channel Islands. In this fight, they need soldiers who are well trained and experienced. Where do they go to recruit them? Yes, you got it right, SW Locums. NSPCC likes our highly trained social workers and often asks them to join as NSPCC childline volunteer.

NSPCC is doing something which every Briton should support because “each childhood is worth fighting for”. SW Locums does its part by sending the best candidates to NSPCC so whenever a child needs someone to guide him or her, he or she can find someone caring, knowledgeable and empathic.

We train candidates to handle delicates matters like counselling kids with great care and delicacy. Our candidates explain the perils of sexting save them from abuses and protect them from any harm which might have a lasting effect and ruin a budding life. Doing NSPC volunteer work is one of the best ways to secure the future of our country.

Being a volunteer is not only gratifying but also a very demanding job both physically and emotionally. SW Locums have also realised that is volunteers are not well documented and checked, it may lead to further unwanted complications. That’s why our screening process are known to be the best around. All of our volunteers are apt for NSPCC in the UK.