The Community Care

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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 09 Feb, 17
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Community Care  is one of those leading names in social work arena who trust SW Locums completely for their need of manpower. SW Locums work in close collaboration with The Community Care and helps them deliver community social care to the person in need.  They are one of the most coveted clients of SW Locums and we take pride in being a partner.

The Community Care is not only a job seeker’s portal but it is one of the leading publications in social care as well. With a very well maintained and regularly updated blog, the site is a mine of information.

SW Locums is one of the chosen partners for Community Care due to the large talent pool we maintain. While this means that all our candidates are exposed to choose jobs which Community Care offers, provided that they qualify, which they invariably do, it also means that Community Care loves how we train our candidates, how we expose to the latest trainings in the industry and also, how we imbibe the best practices in them.

SW Locums is proud to be a partner of Community Care and our association proves that we deal only with the bests.