The Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC)

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  • Posted by: Stuart
  • Dated: 09 Feb, 17
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HCPC (Health & Care Professions Council) regulates health, psychological and social work professionals and SW Locums work extensively with them. HCPC loves our candidates for the excellent professionalism they display on the job. Our candidates have demonstrated exceptional qualities and frankly, HCPC looks at us as a constant source of qualified, trained and experienced social workers.

SW Locums has a history of delivering fully trained candidates to the industry and thus many agencies, including HCPC UK, love our end products. They can easily assign our candidates to the task without training them again.

Health and care professions council is a regulator, set up to protect the public interest. It needs social workers for various positions and SW Locums have steadily supplied able candidates to fill these positions.  In fact, HCPC doesn’t let a registrant to practice if the registrant doesn’t meet the standards. Thankfully, if you are trained from SW Locums, you will never fail this.

SW Locums have successfully placed various candidates with HCPC London and they are working in various capacities, successfully. If you always wanted to work with HCPC but never knew how, enrol at SW Locums and transform your life, realise your dreams.