Testimonial #4

I arrived in the uk from Ireland December 2012. I had qualified as a social worker in 2011, however had no paid social work experience.
Each agency I approached informed me that local authorities do not generally like to employ newly qualified social workers as agency staff as agency staff members are expected to hit the ground running.

SW Locums took the time to go through my cv and take into consideration all the experience I did have, although unqualified. They suggested that while I wait for my HCPC to come through that I look at social work assistant positions. They explained that this would allow me to work within a local authority and build a relationship with them.

I found this suggestion very helpful and SW Locums sourced an interview for me in a triage, mash and assessment team. I worked as a masher (researcher) while I awaited my hcpc registration for approximately 6 weeks, until I was hcpc registered and was then employed by the same local authority as a social worker.
Working in a local authority as an unqualified worker gave me the opportunity to learn the policies and structures of the agency, as well as building relationships with the team. I gained huge experience which has since benefited me throughout my social work career.

When I decided it was time to leave that local authority to gain a wider variety of experience, SW Locums were there to support me to find the perfect job.
I have always found SW Locums to be very friendly and helpful, taking into consideration the work I want and the geographical area.
I have recommended this agency to many of my friends/colleagues and would continue to do so.

SA, Havering